Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ghahve Talkh (Bitter Coffee)

Last night we were watching the new series of GhahveTalkh. For those who are not living in Iran I should said it's a series which was supposed to be broadcasted in national TV but for some reasons is now available in the stores. You can buy each 3 episodes with less than 3$ which I think is a suitable price.
We don't have any copywrite in Iran. So all the Windows OS are copied versions, all the musics we are listening are downloaded via internet, all new ideas in marketing or advertising is regenerated without any allowance of the owner and in short I should say again we don't have any copywrite.
In this country, people DECIDED to not copy Ghahve Talkh. This decision wasn't predictable at all, even the director is shocked and he was thanking all the people who NOT copy it.
I was thinking about the power of unity. If WE all want to do a job we ALL will be successful, individual efforts are not good at all ;)
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